Wuxing Master(TCG)

“Wuxing Master” is a Collectible Card Game(CCG) whose rules and numerical value have been honed for ten years. Both the appearance and content are pursuing a strong Chinese style.
Compared with other CCG, there are some unique rules: You have to sacrifice a card from your hand if you want to raise your upper limit of mana, there are six attack routes on a battlefield and any cards can be matched without the restrictions of professions.
The rules and numerical value of “Wuxing Master” originated from an independent game which was launched ten years ago. This independent game have gained many fans based on its playability even without promotion funds, and its combat rules and numerical value have become mature and balanced after a lot of people’s long -term playing. Now “Wuxing Master” is striving to become a high-quality product of CCG after two years’ efforts.

Wuxing Master(TCG)
Release date 2018-01-08
Developer Chengdu Touch Times Technology Co., Ltd
Publisher Chengdu Touch Times Technology Co., Ltd
Achievements none
Languages Simplified Chinese*
*languages with full audio support
Platforms Windows
Steam id 705810
Steam page Wuxing Master(TCG) Steampage
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