This Child Of Mine

A short 2.5D adventure platformer developed over the course of 3 months by a 3 person team. Travel along with a woman and her child surviving during an alien invasion. Inspired by classic sci-fi, this quiet, melancholy journey will show the depths a mother will go to protect her child, if she can survive...


  • Survival Horror: You are a mother and her baby in a hostile environment, outsmart or outrun the threat to survive
  • Grapple Slug: Obtain an alien slug that functions as a grappling hook
  • The Virus: Get infected by a smart mouthed alien parasite
  • Quiet Beauty: Gorgeous, hand-drawn characters and environment textures

This Child Of Mine
Release date 2018-03-12
Developer BeetleFish Studios
Publisher BeetleFish Studios
Achievements 1
Languages English*
*languages with full audio support
Platforms Windows
Steam id 813290
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