Subscribe & Punch!


Subscribe & Punch! is an easy to play versus fighting game based on the wacky YouTubers universe. Roast the face of your opponents and experiment various humorous interactions inside with YouFight: the virtual platform hosting the craziest fights!


  • Discover a stylized and colorful cartoon universe based on the English-speakers top gaming YouTubers;
  • At least 5 Characters to Play: Poodiepie (Pewdiepie), Jackaboy (Jacksepticeye), ToastyKen (Cinnamontoastken), Markimoo (Markiplier), Unannounced Boss;
  • 3 more Characters depending on the Stretch goals: YandereMinx (RPGMinx), Cryatomic (Cryaotic), The SexBo'Bomb (Game Grumps);
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your favorite character and get ready to fight with fast and easy chainable combos;
  • Experiment various mini-games & humorous interactions inside with YouFight, a fancy parody of YouTube hosting the craziest fights!
  • Live again the Golden Era of the easy to play fighting games by unlocking various stuff such as new colors and projectiles for your characters;
  • Your fighting style slightly impact the narrative, thus implying the emphasize of the characters relationships and the multiple dialogue possibilities inside the story mode.

Subscribe & Punch!
Release date 1970-01-01
Developer Hashieve, IronEqual
Publisher Hashieve
Achievements none
Languages English*
*languages with full audio support
Platforms Windows
Steam id 773150
Steam page Subscribe & Punch! Steampage
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