Enjoy the first episode in this hilarious point and click free graphic adventure lead by a group of mysterious friends looking to break out from school and spend their free time at their own secret research club: Sol705

This winter’s holiday is the last chance to save hometown from total bore - doom!
Break out from Father Carlito's school prison, be part of bizarre investigations club devoted to reveal unclear paranormal phenomena! . Try to uncover UFO sight cases and big infamous alien activity on the lost rural town of Laguna Tucana...

But more important, help the boys to face the toughest and exciting challenge of them all: making contact with those fabled creatures…classmates cheerleaders members of the local football team!

* Full english version performed by extra talented voice actors!

* English, spanish, french, german and russian subtitles.

* Psychedelic and progressive pop rock classic soundtrack!

* An unmatched atmosphere full of rpg quests and compulsive thinking!

* 2D HD Cartoon style sprite graphics with amazing realistic backgrounds

* Super funny puzzles and amazing stuff to collect and use: old vhs, narco leptic yoyos, remastered cassette tapes, bad tolerated literature, x ray glasses, stuffed moles, time continuum chocolate candy and much more!

* Join Meeno, Lena, Bobina, Gabriel, Alicia in this first episode of vengeance, fellowship and mediocrely retaliations!

Please Note: the length of a game can vary depending on the decisions the player makes.

Release date 2018-03-16
Developer Land Patricio
Publisher Land Patricio
Achievements none
Languages English*, French, German, Spanish, Russian
*languages with full audio support
Platforms Windows Mac OS X
Steam id 814920
Steam page Sol705 Steampage
Install Install Sol705

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