Discover Faeria, the next generation of card game, a PC card battler perfected for mobile!

  • BATTLE: build your deck, shape the battlefield as you play and defeat your opponent in epic battles
  • EASY TO LEARN: start in a heartbeat and get rewarded every step of the way
  • HARD TO MASTER: experience insane depth with 270+ collectible cards mixed with 5 unique land types
  • CHOOSE YOUR PATH: enjoy 20+ hours of exciting solo content, and challenge others in casual and competitive multiplayer modes
  • THRIVING COMMUNITY: join an amazing community that has shared over 9,000 decks and guides on Faeria's The Hub
  • ESPORTS: compete against the very best each month for a chance to win $3,300 in real money

Release date 2018-03-08
Developer Abrakam SA
Publisher Abrakam SA
Achievements none
Languages English*, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese
*languages with full audio support
Platforms Windows Mac OS X Linux / SteamOS
Steam id 397060
Steam page Faeria Steampage
Install Install Faeria

Player statistics for Faeria in April 2018