In BREATHE you’re not the first to step foot on this mysterious island. If you want a shot at secret treasure, you’ll need to leave no stone on the sandy beaches unturned…


Do hints and secrets lay beneath the waves? Only one way to find out, so take the plunge into the island’s beautiful reefs and sea beds! Just watch out for unwanted aquatic company…


The secrets of the island have been well kept, but no tale can go untold for so long. Enlightenment awaits those who find the secrets of BREATHE’s island… will you make it to the end alryte?


This experience was built during a 32-hour game jam as an innovative way to reveal the theme of PTBO Game Jam 04.

Release date 2018-03-08
Developer dotBunny
Publisher dotBunny
Achievements none
Languages English*
*languages with full audio support
Platforms Windows Mac OS X
Steam id 799860
Steam page BREATHE Steampage
Install Install BREATHE

Player statistics for BREATHE in April 2018