Warning: This game features flashing visuals which may be dangerous to those with a history of epilepsy/seizures. Player digression is advised.
ANYKEY takes arcade local multiplayer to a whole new level. Grab a friend, or two, or 60, and huddle around your keyboard to duke it out. The rules are simple - hold your button to turn and accelerate, let go to fly forwards, and don't touch the edge. It starts easy, but soon your reaction time will be put to the test as you have to dodge everyone else at critical speeds!

There are three ingame modifiers to change up the rules, and how you play.

  • Gravity - Keep yourself grounded and don't slam into the bottom
  • Targets - Touch the target to score points! There's only one though, so first come first serve!
  • Ball - Ram into the ball and send it into the goal posts to score!

Whenever you're ready, grab some friends, ready your keyboard, and press ANY KEY to begin!

Release date 2018-03-13
Developer Sciman101
Publisher Sciman101
Achievements 5
Languages English
Platforms Windows Mac OS X
Steam id 790450
Steam page ANYKEY Steampage
Install Install ANYKEY

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