Angel Precario

Life can be tough and it can change in an instant. It can immediately lead down a road of loneliness and depression.

A story about depression

The life of Aria Keiko was quiet and she never had to worry about anything, but one event in her life puts her immediately in a precarious situation, totally unknown to her. While she has to spend her time alone at home to study her way through high school, her mother travels to a university clinic to be there for her father, who's lying in a coma.
Akari, Aria's best friend, is the only one who knows about the accident with her father. She tries the best she can to not let her down and to be there for her whenever she needs her. But with other people not knowing about Aria's situation, people get curious about the friendship between Aria and Akari, which leads them both into precarious situations...

Small decisions with big impact

'Angel Precario' is a classic visual novel. We don't want you to read for hours before you can make your first decision.
Make decisions and determine in which direction the story develops.
Decide what you want to do. Make new friends, or avoid them altogether.​​ But remember, the day may come at any time when you will need good friends.​​

A mix of emotional music and rocking songs

Every chapter ends with its very own theme song. Those songs describe perfectly the events of the chapter you've just finished.
We want to have a credible world for our players. So, we included here and there some music of the British rock-duo 'Anavae'.


  • Includes music by the British rock-duo 'Anavae'
  • Includes music by the German singer-songwriter Pat Daemon and Vist
  • Multiple endings
  • Even small decisions have an impact on the story
  • Soundtrack by the up-and-coming music artist MoppySound

Angel Precario
Release date 2018-03-08
Developer ZG-Games
Publisher ZG-Games
Achievements none
Languages English, German
Platforms Windows
Steam id 810520
Steam page Angel Precario Steampage
Install Install Angel Precario

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