Aetherspace is a game about turn-based battles between outlaw gangs. In space. With starships.

Lead your crew of assorted lowlifes in turn-based battles against the ruthless Guild and other rival gangs. Assemble your squadron from a variety of starships, customizing them with a multitude of different weapons and upgrades. Gain new territories, credits and reputation as your gang grows and becomes more powerful. Give your pilots new skills and tricks as they level up with each battle.

And gain some sweet loot along the way.

Release date 2018-07-03
Developer Munchkin's Lair
Publisher Munchkin's Lair
Achievements none
Languages English
Platforms Windows
Steam id 659900
Steam page Aetherspace Steampage
Install Install Aetherspace

Player statistics for Aetherspace in April 2018