AdVenture Communist

Welcome friend, to AdVenture Communist! The world’s fairest communism simulator!

Grow your modest potato farm into a spudding colony, then expand your industries across the brother land! Invest shocking amounts of resources into elite factories and science experiments to increase your production!

Communism never sleeps and neither will your progress, as your workers will go the extra mile to fuel your industries 24/7. It’s so simple, even a Capitalist could do it!

It’s time to show the ruling class what you’re made of. Start your farm to factory adventure today - Only in AdVenture Communist!

Peace, Land, and Potatoes!

AdVenture Communist
Release date 2018-08-23
Developer Hyper Hippo Games
Publisher Hyper Hippo Games
Achievements none
Languages English
Platforms Windows Mac OS X
Steam id 462930
Steam page AdVenture Communist Steampage
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