About Elise

My name is Owen Scott. Just a few hours ago I was a baker in San Antonio, Texas, who was working hard to give his daughter everything she needed. I am a single father, my wife Rosa died 15 years ago. Those tyrants from the organisation named Kiminster Laboratories killed her. They are the same ones who have kidnapped me and my little child, Elise. They experiment with people like us, who were not born normal. They think we are monsters, but not only we are not... we never decided to be born this way, with this abilities. In my case, I have a special perception that allows me to know where to go when I am in danger. Elise, well, she can...

(The door of the cell where Owen is starts opening slowly)

What? How is that possible? Whatever, I need to find Elise and get out of here. I hope my perception is beside me once again...

About Elise
Release date 2018-09-26
Developer Toni Domínguez
Publisher Toni Domínguez
Achievements none
Languages English, Spanish
Platforms Windows
Steam id 448930
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