#Have A Sticker

#Have A Sticker brings loads of fun to the puzzle genre. The goal is simple to combine two pictures by removing the boxes that would overlap. The goal maybe simple but accomplishing it gets trickier and trickier as the left side grows in squares with each level in a set. With 20 sets of 50 different levels that's 1,000 different puzzles to complete and enjoy. The puzzles are also randomly generated so each play through will be a new and fun experience. Too easy? Use the difficulty settings to lower the time you have to complete each level and really challenge yourself. Complete all 20 sets and watch your progress in your sticker book. With a variety of music to select from,3 difficulty settings, fun game play, and 1,000 randomly generated levels #Have A Sticker brings countless hours of puzzle fun to gamers looking for a challenge.

1,000 Levels
Randomly Generated Puzzles
3 Difficulty Settings
Pick From A Variety Of Background Music
"Sticker Book" to track your progress through all 20 sets of 50 levels

#Have A Sticker
Release date 2018-04-24
Developer Red Dolphin Games
Publisher VT Publishing
Achievements none
Languages English*
*languages with full audio support
Platforms Windows
Steam id 841860
Steam page #Have A Sticker Steampage
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